Jeanne Lyons is an interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. Her work spans across mediums including photography, printmaking, performance, and sound.


My work is intuitive and explorative. The process includes wandering through nature, recording the mundane, sketch-booking, daydreaming, reading and researching, and regularly experimenting with new materials and techniques. The practice is an ebb and flow between quiet (sometimes turbulent) reflection and feverish bursts of making.

My primary tools are plastic toy film cameras, polaroids, digital cameras, ephemera, trash, ink, audio effects pedals, loopers, field recordings, my voice, a digital audio workstation, the printing press, and the darkroom.

I make images, sound, and text. They take shape in the form of photographs, monotype prints, collage, zines, poetry, and ambient soundscapes. The work is abstract, ethereal, and otherworldly. It can be minimal and subtle or lush and chaotic.

I create art to release energy and to process complex emotions. It is a way to heal, a form of self care, and an embodied habit. My work is about what is unseen but felt, grief, neurodivergence, generational trauma, and acceptance. I want others to feel suspended in time when experiencing my art. I hope to elicit a moment to pause, to alter the emotional state or quality of thought, and to breathe differently.                                           

2019 University of the Arts, Master of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA
2009 Temple University, Bachelor of Art, Philadelphia, PA


2023 Millay Wintertide Rustic Retreat, Austerlitz, NY, USA
2022 Cowhouse Studios, Enniscorthy, Ireland
2019 Lizé Puppet Art Colony, Yilan, Taiwan   


2023 125th Annual Adult Student Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA
2022 Then at One Point..., The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA
2016 The Last Words, University Lutheran, Philadelphia, PA


2022 Tragic Nostalgia, Figet Space, Philadelphia, PA (solo show)
2020 Pangu, The Barnes, Philadelphia, PA
2020 White Nights, The Barnes, Philadelphia, PA
2019 Scarcity, Lizé Puppet Art Colony, Yilan, Taiwan
2019 Male Tears, MAAS, Philadelphia, PA
2019 The Vagina Warcry, The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
2019 Throttle, Arts Bank, Philadelphia, PA
2018 It Might Be About Babies, Mascher Space Cooperative, Philadelphia, PA
2018 Tien Wen, La MaMa, New York, NY
2018 The Remix, Dixon Place, New York, NY
2018 Julius Eastman: That Which Is Fundamental, The Kitchen, New York, NY
2017 Julius Eastman: That Which Is Fundamental, The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA
2017 White Nights, Lizé International Puppet Art Festival, Yilan, Taiwan
2017 White Nights, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA
2017 A Period Of Animate Existence, Annenberg Center, Philadelphia, PA
2016 jnpr, Bowerbird Double Deck Music Series, Philadelphia, PA


2022/2021 Illuminate the Arts Grant, Culture and the Creative Economy, Philadelphia, PA